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Mosquito Control


Mosquito and Tick Control for your home and yard 

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Mosquito and Tick Control

The buzzing and biting of mosquitoes can ruin some of our favorite summer pastimes like backyard bonfires and barbecues. Not only are mosquitoes and ticks a nuisance, they also pose a serious health threat. Mosquitoes are actually the deadliest species on earth! If you live in Missouri, or near any of the lakes and rivers throughout the Midwest, you are almost certain to encounter your fair share of mosquitoes. DeProw knows Midwest pests best, and are the experts at backyard mosquito control.

Like mosquitoes, ticks also carry diseases, such as Lyme disease and Powassan virus, and enjoy the same types of habitats. Ticks will bury themselves in your skin, bite, and draw blood. Usually, you know a tick has been there because you find it embedded in your skin, but you may also find red welts or a classic “bullseye” pattern if you were bitten by a tick that carries Lyme’s disease.

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Customized Mosquito and Tick Solutions

For Missouri  Homes & Businesses

Protect Yourself Against Mosquitoes

The first indication of a mosquito problem in your home, could be the familiar buzzing sound of mosquitoes flying around in a room looking for a host (us) to feed from. Or worse, you may wake up with a mosquito bite one day.

DeProw's Mosquito Service Plan provides season-long protection with monthly barrier treatments for your yard. Benefits include:

  • Reduces populations of mosquitoes

  • Prevents mosquito reproduction

  • Fast-acting, long-lasting, odor-free products

  • Also helps control ticks in your yard

Clean Up Your Yard

  • Keep nearby weeds trimmed and under control - during the day, mosquitoes spend their time resting on low-lying vegetation. They are attracted to the vegetation because of the higher humidity levels, allowing them to survive daytime temperatures without drying out.


  • Get rid of standing (collected) water - empty water out of wheelbarrows, empty flower pots, watering cans and from any other containers (objects), where water can collect. 


  • Maintain your gutter - check gutters for debris and ensure they drain properly to avoid any areas where water could potentially pool.


Mosquito & Tick


  • Maintain clean, fresh water in birdbaths - change bird bath water at least once per week. Use top-feeding minnows - when used in ornamental ponds, this is a proven method to reduce mosquito larvae.

  • Change pet water dishes frequently

  • Keep lawns short - approximately 3″ in height.

  • Remove, drain or fill natural water cavities - you can use mortar to fill cavities in old tree stumps.


  • Install a fountain / water agitator - to ponds or larger areas of water mosquitoes prefer not to lay their eggs in moving water!

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